Retail Therapy


hug aromatherapy collection

  Essential oils naturally blended to create simple health care for your skin and home. All our aromatherapy creations are handcrafted in small batches using ethically sourced ingredients as locally as possible.  Our effective skincare is free from SLS, parabens, artificial fragrances and colourings. We aim to keep our range as simple as possible for you to benefit from natural ingredients blended with love and expertise. 


GuaSha tools and rollers

     GuaSha is an ancient form of massage; a tool is stroked along lubricated skin - the effect on the body is similar to a deep tissue massage.  

Facial Gua Sha can also be applied using jade or rose quartz stones -   these are gentler.

Once you've tried this technique - you'll be hooked!



Japanese haramakis are ideal for warming tummys and kidneys.  Such a simple piece of clothing can change your life. 

In East Asian Medicine your kidneys are the source of your vitality so keeping them healthy and warm is essential.

Magnet Therapy

magnet therapy, magnetix, magnetic coaster,

For thousands of years the positive effect of the earth's magnetic field has been of great interest to science. We are also fascinated by the power of magnetic attraction! For our magnetic products we only use neodymium magnets with a strength of at least 1200 gauss. These magnets are notable for their strength and durability.

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