About Us


hug is centred on a background in Traditional East Asian Medicine, combined with a modern Western alternative approach to health. 

Our philosophy is one of kindness, consideration and our relationship to the natural world. 

Anna and Maxine met whilst studying Five Element acupuncture and have together continued their studies in Japanese acupuncture and developed a passion for natural health.  hug was borne out of a shared desire to bring this combined knowledge of ancient and natural medicine and self-care practices to a wider audience. Starting at village Christmas fairs, hug has grown organically into a thriving business with an online store. 

Most of our range is handmade in the UK. Alongside our ethical approach to business is the acid test - ‘would we use this ourselves?’

Traditional East Asian Medicine, including acupuncture, is not simply about needles, but a holistic and preventative approach combining nutrition, exercise, movement, breathing and meditation. We want hug to bring you products representing each of these components helping you to incorporate self-care into your daily life; enhancing your health and enriching your lifestyle.